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Jeremie Webb

The Truth of Focus

How many times have we heard to maintain our focus in order to get where we want to go? How many times to athletes get told, taught, hounded and pounded with focus?

The truth is that Focus is a huge factor in success of any kind. Any actively growing millionaire will tell you that they maintain and protect their focus at all times.

There is a couple of aspects to focus that are not often spoken of yet are crucial to fully understanding the power of focus.

The most important factor is to realize that what we focus on we get good at. If we focus on hitting the ball, we will hit it. If we focus on a skill, we get good at it. If we focus on success, we get good at it. If we focus on joy, we get good at being joyful.

There is a little bit of a catch with this... we have to also realize that we can have the same result if we focus on the negative things. If we focus on being sad, we will be more sad. If we focus on procrastination we will procrastinate more. If we focus on being frustrated, we will be more frustrated.

It doesn't matter what it is that we focus on... we get good at it. It is always important to be aware of what the majority of our thoughts are. What we think of the most is what we are focusing on. That is what we will get!!!

That brings me to one of the most overlooked and subtle aspects of focus... Our thoughts. In order to be able to discover and keep track of our focus, we must be aware of our thoughts.

Our thoughts are not something we need to judge... as in... "this one is good and that one is bad." They ARE, however something to take notice of and use as a tool to direct our lives.

In learning focus... start with taking a few days to simply keep inventory of your thoughts and thought patterns. That will help you to determine what your focus currently is and how to re-direct it to where you want it to be.

Always be cognizant of where your focus is to make sure that you are not accidentally sabotaging yourself and your efforts by focusing on the wrong things. Focus on the what you have accomplished that IS in the direction you want. Focus on the steps you ARE taking to achieve your dreams. Focus on what you need to learn to continue going in this direction.

Along with focus is the idea that what you feed will flourish and what you starve will die. That is perfect for this because if you focus on what you want to get good at and what you CAN do, then all of the other crap that used to hold you back because it used to be what you focused on will no longer have the food it needs to survive... and will die. The things you are focusing on will get stronger and bigger the more you focus on them.

Laser focus is definitely a skill and one that is completely master-able by anybody willing to practice it enough to master it! Mastering it includes being able to use it in any area that you need it. This is true for working from home, careers, relationships, health, joy, and anything else you can think of.

So get started today! Keep a journal for a few days if you need to. Take inventory of your thoughts and then determine your focus!


Chase & Jeremie

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