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Greatly Underestimated Keys to Success... #2

Tip 2
Tip 2
Jeremie Webb

Tip #2
Personal Growth Produces Unusually Great Success

This one may or may not make a lot of sense and can very easily be one key that SEEMS to be taking you backward more than forward at times, but it is one of the most powerful tools available to anyone looking to advance their lives, their business, their career, their relationships and their dreams.

What is personal growth?

Personal growth is the constant study of any topic that can and will improve your skill set for anything you do in life. That is the simplest definition.

The idea is that we continue to learn things on a daily basis anyway, we might as well stay aware of what we are learning and direct it in a fashion that is going to benefit us the most.

Would you rather end the day with a better understanding of why you favorite list of TV shows is or isn't up for awards or would you rather end the day with a better understanding on how to execute a marketing strategy that will move your work from home business to the next level and take you one step closer to living your dream lifestyle?

Society tries to sell us that we need "decompress" or "down time" when we are not working. Their idea of down time is movies, TV, video games, and other things that serve no purpose other than to dumb us out and brain wash us into an "I need" type of materialistic buying cycle. It's all a money game and has nothing to do with your actual personal well-being.

The truth is that as humans we are designed to continue learning and growing and when we are consciously aware of what we are learning and direct that the way we want to go, our minds do amazing things. Before long we become very knowledgeable and creative individuals who are Extremely capable at WHATEVER we decide to do. In that area of study, success becomes more than possible... it becomes inevitable.

The vast majority of society does not pay much attention to what they are taking in as learning and knowledge much less choose to direct their learning path. So those few who DO decide to do so find themselves in a position of unusually great success.

There is one think to keep in mind with personal growth. It rarely looks in the moment like what it will become eventually. In other words... it can SEEM very discouraging at times.

When we begin to learn things we often find that the more we learn the less we know and with the wrong perspective that can put some people on the depression train. Remember... the more questions something causes you to ask, the more you are growing and the closer your success is getting.

So go LEARN! Find an area that you want to grow and start learning. Find an area in your life that you know is a weakness and start learning. Find an area that you want to become an expert and start learning.

It doesn't matter if you work from home, have a traditional career or are looking for help with relationships or anything else. This one area of skill is something that millionaires the world over have used and continue to use to keep them moving forward and growing themselves as well as their bank accounts. Do NOT underestimate the power of this skill! And YES... learning very much IS a skill!!!

So GO! GO LEARN SOMETHING NEW!!! Go be the BEST that you can be!


Chase & Jeremie!

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