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'Greatest American Hero' to be rebooted back to TV

According to Comic Book Resources on Saturday, a report announced that directors of "The Lego Movie" and "21 Jump Street" stated that they'll be in charge as executive producers to the "The Greatest American Hero." This will be a reboot to the original TV series that had starred William Katt and to be aired on Fox.

Actors Ron Palillo, Barry Williams, Alison Arngrim, Dawn Wells, Jimmie Walker, Jerry Mathers, William Katt and Bernie Kopell pose for a portrait during the 6th annual 'TV Land Awards' held at Barker Hangar on June 8, 2008 in Santa Monica, California. (
Photo by Todd Williamson

This series is also set to be produced by the original series creator Steven J. Cannell's child and executive produced by Rodney Rothman who had co-written "22 Jumpstreet." The plot entails an inner city teacher that discovers a super suit and deals with a government entity who has their own agenda.

The original series starred Katt as a special education teacher, Ralph Hinkley, who is presented the suit by aliens and had acquired powers and abilities that no other man would normally have like super strength, telepathy, invisibility, X-Ray vision, and so on. He teams up with FBI agent Bill Maxwell and John Tesh's wife Connie Sellecca who plays an attorney by the name of Pam Davidson.

The endearing portion of the original series was the comical awkwardness due to the lack of experience using such alien technology. When he would attempt to fly, he would sometimes fall once he got air born and if he would ever remain aloft, he'd always seemingly struggle to stay comfortable without any real positioning on the sky. His ever persistent FBI partner would always try to get him to break into buildings, get past enemies using his invisibility, and other types of methods of fighting government crimes.

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