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Greater Philadelphia: Grow your own delicious garden

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Kathy Martin ( Bartram's Garden

Home and community gardens may have a common bond with foodies: a passion for delicious, organic produce. Regardless how fast goods may go from garden to store, it cannot compare with growing it yourself. Learn how to grow your own produce from these two masters, Bartram’s Gardens and Tyler Arboretum, for all the best secrets to success.

Grow it yourself, the right way

When you want the best answers for growing your own vegetable garden, Bartram’s Garden is the place. Since the days of Benjamin Franklin, Bartram’s Garden has been where to go for answers to what, how, and when. It is especially valuable as we near harvest time and the many questions that relate to the many essentials for enjoying the bounty you grew yourself. Wednesday, July 30th will feature a workshop at Bartram’s Garden to learn how to grow your own food with partners of the Community Farm and Food Resource Center (CFFRC). This free evening workshop begins at 5:00, and last two hours. With such a beautiful setting along the Delaware River, and picnic areas with views to the city’s skyline, you may want to plan a longer visit and some gourmet al fresco dining while at Bartram’s Garden. It may be more comfortable, on a full belly, to handle all the talk of growing your own delicious food.

Creative, resourceful gardening

When you are considering new, creative approaches to your garden, Tyler Arboretum has insightful ideas to share. Demonstration garden exhibits let you walk through and learn different ways of thinking about your own vegetable gardening concerns, and may provide many new considerations for your own garden space. Tyler Arboretum’s garden exhibits take the next step to using resourceful materials for supporting, bordering and protecting your various vegetables. There are also many examples of aligning your vegetable plants with flowers and herbs. In this way the focus changes to how to help pollinate your plants and let them thrive in a naturally organic setting. Simple yet unique ways to grow your own produce along companion plants, as well as, all manner of vertical and container plantings are shared. Tyler Arboretum is also the place to focus on nectar gardening to encourage all of the pollinators. Be sure to make a stop at the Butterfly House to learn about select flowers to plant to encourage these choice pollinators. While Tyler Arboretum is certainly known for its impressive collection of trees and shrubs, it may be just the place to also inspire new solutions to beautify, naturally protect, and better support plans in your current or next year’s garden plans. Simple, beautiful, natural, and delicious are only some of the benefits to growing your own.

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