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Greater funding for jobs creation through business initiatives in PA budget

Pennsylvania released its new state budget for 2015-2015. The new budget increases spending to a total of $29.4 billion, which is $387 million more than last year's budget. The increased spending highlights the state's focus on creating jobs through investing in business initiatives

The main component of the JOBS 1st Pennsylvania program is to create family sustaining jobs for residents by aligning education and training with the potential opportunities available in the state.

The budget reflects this with a $9.9 million investment in the business initiative known as Discovered in PA-Developed in PA, or D2PA. This program seeks move ideas more quickly from conception testing to the market.

There is also an additional $600,000 invested in World Trade Pennsylvania, which promotes the state international trade, and was responsible for more than $795 million in new sales.

$12 billion of the state's budget is being spent on education, which is $400 million more than last year. The increase is for PA student's early, basic, and post-secondary education; which also includes such programs as D2PA's "Skill up the Student Pipeline" program in the Lehigh Valley.

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