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Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City vs. Grapevine: Which is best for your family?

Great Wolf Lodge in Texas
Great Wolf Lodge in Texas
Mandy Robinson

When you live in Oklahoma, it is pretty easy to visit the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City, Missouri or Grapevine, Texas. My family has been to both of these and here are some great comparisons so you can decide which is best for your family.

  • Grapevine is a lot bigger. This means it has more water park rides, more places to eat, and a few more things to do. It is also approx. $20 more per night to stay there.
  • Both have indoor water parks that are a lot of fun. Grapevine has a few more large slides than Kansas City. If you aren't thrill seekers, this won't matter to you. My youngest daughter was still too short for the large slides anyway when we went.
  • MagiQuest is at both parks, but in my opinion it is better at Kansas City. You only have to climb up and down four stories instead of eight stories when you play this one. It is easier to do and takes less time meaning that your kids can fight the dragon even if you are there for a short stay. You don't get as much exercise, but it is also easier for the parents to help out. You can see the kids running up and down from each level too which makes it a better place to let them do a bit of it on their own.
  • Kansas City offers miniature golf, which Grapevine doesn't have, but it is outdoors so only open in the summer. Grapevine has a Lazer Frenzy and XD Theater that are not offered at Kansas City.
  • Great Wolf in Texas has three places to eat. You can get food at the watermark and a sit down restaurant at both of them, but the one in Texas also has a huge buffet full of great food including make your own pasta, but this isn't offered at Kansas City.
  • Texas has MagiQuest, ShadowQuest, and Compass Quest. They do not have ShadowQuest in Kansas.

Personally I feel like Kansas City might be better for people with small children. MagiQuest is easier, less big rides in the water park, and less places to lose your kiddos. The one in Grapevine is a bigger park, more things to do, more places to eat, and offers a better overall experience for the entire family.

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