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Great white shirt

Carolina Herrera
Carolina Herrera
Google Images

Years ago I saw a picture of the designer Carolina Herrera.  She had on a simple white shirt.  That image of her has stuck with me.  I thought she looked elegant, classic, timeless, ( I have included a pic. of her today).  So it got me thinking of the classic white shirt.  So, I went to my closet, and yes I have 6.  Ok, so I must love white shirts.  Actually, I do.  You can get them at any price point, from top end designers to Target.  The ones I covet the most, are, a Chicos one, and a Target one.  Both purchased on sale. 

So, your task today is to look thru your closet and if you don't have a great white shirt, check out your favorite bargain haunt and pick one up.  Yes, you can wear a white shirt all year long. 

In this great photo below of Carolina Herrera she is wearing a great classic white shirt, black trousers, and what can I say, I love tons of bangles.  Want bangles?  Check out Forever 21 you can buy them in bulk and it will set you back a mere $8 or less, oh and they have them in colored, as well as silver tone and gold tone.  Enjoy.