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Great white shark washed ashore, trauma ruled out as cause of death

A great white shark washed ashore near the Massachusetts-Rhode Island border over the weekend. Biologists will have a difficult time determining what killed the shark that was found along a rocky shoreline in Westport, which is almost a half-mile from public beaches in Little Compton, Rhode Island. One factor ruled out in the shark's cause of death is trauma. Its body was mostly battered from rocks.

A great white shark was found dead on a beach bordering Rhode Island and Massachusetts.
Getty Images

When the 13-foot, 1,500 pound great white shark was first discovered by a fisherman Saturday morning, news quickly spread and drew crowds of people interested in getting a close-up look at the dead animal. Shark sightings in that area have been rare while several others have been just miles away.

Officials don't plan to do anything with the carcass. Due to the size of the shark, they said the ocean waters should pull the body back at sea once high tides make their way back.

Several beaches in Cape Cod were closed over the Labor Day weekend as precautions against shark attacks. An increased number of sharks have entered the area as a population spike in seals have exploded for them to feed on.


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