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Shark Massachusetts: Huge great white sends swimmers scrambling for shore

This looks like a job for Chief Brody from “Jaws” as a 14-foot great white shark was spotted swimming just off the beach in Duxbury, Massachusetts on Monday. Once the great white was spotted, over 1,000 people were pulled out of the water in the middle of their beach day, according to CNN News on Aug. 26.

A great white shark spotted in the water off the beach of a Cape Cod town, cleared the water of swimmers!
YouTube screen shot

The shark was first spotted about 75-yards off the beach by a state police helicopter and they notified the Duxbury Harbormaster and police. Trooper Dustin Finch reports that it is rare to see a great white shark this close to the beach in this area.

Once the shark was spotted, the helicopter kept an eye on the creature from the air while the Duxbury, Plymouth and Marshfield Harbormasters swept the area in boats to see if there were other great white sharks in the water, reports Yahoo News today.

Fox News live spoke with people on the beach who said that they were told by the lifeguards that a shark had been sighted and they needed to get out of the water. One man said he was in three-feet of water and he could see a helicopter overhead, so he knew something was wrong.

The sighting of a great white off the beach in Duxbury is rare. Sharks do not usually venture inside the waters of the Cape. They are usually sighted in the water on the outside of Cape Cod.

Once the harbormaster boats came near the shark, it turned and went out to the deeper water. The water was deemed safe and people were allowed back in the water, but at their own risk. One joker wrote in big letters in the sand, "You're going to need a bigger boat," which is a famous line from the movie "Jaws."

Check out the video above, this is the view from the state police helicopter as they monitored the great white shark in the water off Duxbury on Monday.

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