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Great white shark chum bag video: Shark nabs chum bag off boat in one huge chomp

A great white shark got a bit too familiar with a boat full of fishermen when he not only swam up to the boat, but he ripped the chum bag right off the side. It was as if this great white shark picked up some carry-out at a drive-thru window, but he took the chum bag without paying for it!

A great white shark grabbed a chum bag off a boat in the waters off New Jersey and it was caugth on video!
YouTube screen shot

According to on June 23, the fishermen on this 35-foot boat watched the shark circle the vessel several times before getting out their cameras to capture an image of one of the ocean's most terrifying predators. Once the shark snapped up that chum bag he swam away.

The fisherman were on a mission tagging sharks off the coast of New Jersey, taking part in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration study. They were off Cape May when the shark first appeared.

According to PIX 11, the boat was drifting near a shipwreck site when the shark breached the surface. The 16-foot shark had no problem getting the chum bag off the side of the boat. It was like plucking a grape off the vine, which is how easy it looked for this huge ocean dweller once he got his jaws around it.

In the video above you can hear one of the fishermen say "he took out chum bag," just as the shark swam away. The fisherman saying this sounded as if he was totally amazed that the shark was brazen enough to do this.

Earlier the great white was nibbling at the propellers of the boat and while it didn't cause any damage, that wasn't a comfortable scene for the fishermen, reports Fox News live. The fishermen said that they were having a "slow day" until this great white happened along and livened things up a bit.

Just like that scenes from "Jaws" when the shark stalks the three men in the boat by coming a little closer each time, this shark did the same thing. He got the lay of the land (or water) and then moved in for the take!

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