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Great White shark goes after swimmer: Close encounter caught on GoPro video

Some are debating the authenticity of an intense few seconds of film shot by a man who claims to have captured the footage of what may have been an attack by a Great White shark. He claims also to have done it with a GoPro handheld camera.

The Daily Caller reported (via Yahoo News) June 11 that Terry Tufferson posted a video of his close encounter with a Great White shark in Sydney Harbor in Australia, claiming that he filmed it all on a GoPro camera.

In the video, the original of which has garnered over 8.6 million views since being posted June 11, is shot from a point-of-view setting. The wearer of the GoPro, which can be clipped to clothing, apparently makes his way out on a rocky ledge, then plunges into the waters waiting below. As he surfaces, one of his colleagues is seen leaning out and yelling, "Shark! Shark!"

The viewer is then accosted by a quickly growing shadow that materializes into an incoming Great White shark. The swimmer then tries to move toward shore but can't stop himself from getting another look underwater. The Great White shark is moving toward the swimmer once again, but the swimmer makes thrashing, fighting motions and the shark veers away at the last instant.

The short video ends when the swimmer climbs out on shore, directs the camera toward himself, and says, "Holy s***!"


Although there are a few skeptics that believe this encounter is most likely a very cleverly edited mash-up of a couple of unrelated videos, it must be noted that GoPro has previously benefited from a shark sighting video that went viral.

Guys filming a music video with a GoPro in October captured a Great White shark cruising beneath their surfboards off of El Porto Beach, Calif. It circled a few times before a dolphin came along and scared off the big shark. (Note: Dolphins are sharks greatest enemies, their agility and speed making their noses battering rams that are deadly to the predators.)

GoPro, described as the "World's Most Versatile Camera," even used a surfing video starring professional surfer Kelly Slater where an image was captured in a wave that sparked debate on whether or not Slater had skimmed by a shark. As noted by Buzz60 (see above video), what looks like the sleek shimmer of a shark just might have been, believe it or not, a photographer swimming behind the wave shooting the surfing.

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