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Great white shark chum bag: Live video of massive shark devouring bag, 'a theft'

A great white shark chum bag video has gone viral on the Web in less than a week, and once viewers see the massive shark theft up close, it’s easy to comprehend why. While several fishermen from New Jersey were enjoying a day out on the water this Friday, they were stunned to have a surprise visitor — a hungry great white that circled their boat and quite literally stole their floating chum bag, devouring it in a few bites. NewsMax reveals this Tuesday, June 24, that the live video has become especially popular on Twitter, where users say that this was one extreme catch of the day.

Great white shark eats a chum bucket, live video
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Although experts will often reassure swimmers and boaters that sharks usually keep to themselves, this was one great white shark that came right up to one fisherman’s boat in order take a gaping crunch out of its floating cargo. The hungry shark can be seen extremely close in the video, which was captured by one of the fishermen on the 35-foot vessel over the weekend.

“He ripped our chum bag right off,” one fisherman exclaims in awe during the footage, while a woman rightly responds: “Was it worth it, though? I’ll buy you a new chum bag. That is amazing.”

The owner of this ransacked boat is Mr. Steve Clark. He said that the unexpected shark theft is unlike anything he has ever seen before, or will likely witness again. While many readers might understandably assume that the experience was a frightening one for the fishermen and their companions, apparently these close encounters with great white sharks is a common occurrence for the hardy sailors. So even a chum-stealing predator devouring their bucket in a single go wasn’t enough to rattle them.

“It was awesome,” said Clark. “It wasn’t scary, cause we’re used to sharks. It was awesome.”

The Daily Mail shares that the shark didn’t attack right away. Witnesses to the great white shark chum bag incident said that the massive animal was circling the boat for almost 20 minutes before it attacked. According to Clark’s statement, the shark was of considerable size and power, likely around 16 feet long or more. He estimated it as weighing around a ton and ready to devour any prey that got in its path. He’s just in shock and excitement that he experienced it, and that it was all caught on live video.

“The likelihood of seeing one that close, it’s probably never gonna happen again. It was a great event, a once-in-a-lifetime deal,” he acknowledged to CBS in a statement.

Although the New Jersey fishermen and company may have lost their chum bag to this great beast, there is a silver lining to the predatory loss. A local shopkeeper who heard the incredible story and saw the shark theft video decided to give the entire group a big discount on a new chum bag, so it was definitely worth it in the end. This is definitely one seafaring story to tell the fishes back at home.

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