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Great white shark bites rubber raft: Film crew helpless in deflating raft

When a great white shark goes after a rubber boat the end result is most likely deflation and it is not the shark that's going to deflate. A crew from the Max Animal Productions, a company that creates nature films, got to experience that giant bite of a great white first hand, according to News Max on May 8.

Great white shark bites rubber raft: Film crew watches in horror as raft starts deflating.
YouTube screen shot

The crew's harrowing experience was caught on video and that video, seen above has gone viral today. The attack was totally unprovoked, reports the film crew, they were just filming the shark as it approached the waters around their boat. This was off the coast of South Africa, where great whites are plentiful.

The New York Post reports today that first the shark is spotted by the crew's underwater camera that is hanging over the raft. The shark didn't just make one attempt at taking a bite out of the raft, it came at it several times with its wide open mouth. The shark took a bite then started "chewing it," reports the Post.

While the incident happened back on April 12, it wasn't until the video was posted and went viral within the last few days that made this headline news. Along with the video on YouTube, the film crew posted the caption, "Why does a rubber inflatable raft sink in the ocean? Because a Great White Shark has just taken a chunk out of it."

They also wrote, "Is the scariest part when the shark eyes out folks on the boat? Ah Yeah." These guys were pretty brave, it is not as if they were dropped off a ship to hunt for great whites to film. They actually came out to the open ocean on this inflatable rubber raft, right from shore.

Luckily, the crew were able to get themselves back to shore in the boat before it became fully deflated. They are fine and while the shark might have the funny aftertaste of rubber in its mouth, it is also fine. Not a living creature was hurt during this incident. The only semi-causality was the raft which is in dire need of repair!

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