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Great white shark attacks boat of film crew: Scary footage shows all

A great white shark attacked the inflatable boat of a film crew, and the film crew managed to film the whole frightening attack on video. That video is now going viral, and it looks like a scene right out of the movie "Jaws." Softpedia shared the video of this shark attack on Thursday, and it is clear that crew wass very lucky to survive the attack. The shark appeared to be more interested in eating their boat than eating any of them, but it did eye them briefly.

The attack happened off the coast of South Africa. MaxAnimal Productions were busy shooting footage in the area when the shark came up and became quite interested in the rubber boat. It circled at first, but it then moved in and took a bite. It continued to bite the boat, and the boat did start to deflate. No one on the crew or the shark was injured during the incident.

The film crew also made it clear that the shark attack was completely unprovoked. They did nothing at all to cause the animal to attack their boat. The footage was released on the YouTube channel of the crew last month, but it is only now making news. The crew could obviously do nothing to stop the shark from attacking their boat. The large shark was too much for the crew to handle. All they could do was watch and wait for the shark to move on. Once it did, they returned home on their damaged boat.

What do you think of this footage? What would you do if you encountered a great white shark in this same manner?

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