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Great ways to say Happy Valentine's Day with food

Chocolate covered strawberries are just one of many cute Valentine's Day foods that are easy to make
Chocolate covered strawberries are just one of many cute Valentine's Day foods that are easy to make
Joe Raedle, Getty Images

Valentine’s Day food is a fun way to say “I love you” without going overboard on novelty gifts or greeting cards. You can turn your ordinary breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert into a Valentine’s Day gift and the great thing is, food gifts work for all ages. Whether you want to serve a romantic breakfast in bed, give a gift to someone you haven’t known long, brighten the day of a single friend, or tell your kids how much you love them, everybody can enjoy a Valentine’s Day gift of food.

Food gifts are affordable and can be a lot of fun as long as you choose something that looks appealing. Nobody wants leftover macaroni and cheese that you tried to form into the word “love,” but curly cinnamon roll hearts or cookies that look like actual conversation hearts candy are a totally different story. Whether you choose a light breakfast or hearty heart-shaped burgers, there are some really cute ways to say “I love you” with food.

The St. Louis Special Occasions Examiner has rounded up a few of the best ideas from around the web. Take a look:

Love letters cookies

I Love You Because Cookie Puzzle

I Love U breakfast plate

Conversation hearts cookies

Valentine pretzels

Lacy hearts pancakes

Hidden heart pound cake

Lingerie heart cookies

Puppy love cupcakes

Love bug chocolate dipped strawberries

Flower bouquet fruit cups

Bacon bouquet

Butterfly with heart-shaped wings sandwich for kids

Fruit kabobs hearts


Cinnamon rolls

Banana and strawberry toppings for pancakes





Pepperoni pizza

Roasted potatoes

Glazed shrimp

Hot dogs

Meat and cheese puzzles for kids

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