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Great Valentine's day gift ideas

Finally it’s February! An exciting month with lots to do, and the shortest number of days to do it in. Now that the sports lovers have all had the chance to celebrate their favorite winter holiday also known as the Superbowl, and since the groundhog has taken time out to look at his shadow, we know that February has officially begun and it will be over just as quickly as it came in. With February comes the holiday for lovers, the day that is officially set aside to celebrate your relationship, and tell that special someone how much he or she means to you. Time to bring out the balloons, the heart shaped candy boxes, and mushy hallmark cards, because it is time to celebrate love!

Valentine’s day can be more of a complicated holiday in terms of gift giving. No matter if you are in a brand new relationship or a very long-term relationship, it is always a plus to acknowledge your significant other for Valentine’s day, even if they say otherwise. Here is my rule of thumb when it comes to Valentine’s day gift giving: You give simple, yet eloquent. The gift is less grand than say a Christmas or birthday gift, however as with any gift it must be thoughtful, show that you care about the wants and needs of your partner, and must come from the heart. Remember Valentine’s day is about love!

With less than two weeks away you may be in full on panic mode, or you may have forgot that the day of love was next Friday the 14th. In any case I am here to help you out. For all you out there who have no idea what to get your sweetheart other than a box a chocolate, a rose that will die in a few hours, and a two line card from Hallmark, I have some ideas for you.

For the woman in your life:

Men take note: Most women take Valentine’s day very seriously, be prepared.

Try planning a spa day for two of you. A gift of a couples massage, followed by a romantic evening that includes dinner and a walk on the beach will make any heart melt.

Want to go bigger? Jewelry never fails, call on your friends at Zales, Kay Jewelers, or Jared to help you find that perfect heart shaped pendant or wonderful bracelet.

Your budget says smaller? Try to match her style. If she is active why not new workout shoes, or workout accessories, a gift certificate to yoga classes will always hit the spot. If she’s not into sweating too much, plan a romantic day for the two of you, bring out a nice bottle of wine on the beach. If she is a reader, allow her to pick out a new favorite book at the bookstore, and let her read to you. If she likes movies, buy her a copy of her favorite movie if she doesn’t already own it. Flowers are always sweet, just make sure she is not allergic.

For the man in your life:

I always wonder, what do you get a man for Valentine’s day? Well here are a few suggestions:

Take him on a date. Yes! Take him on a date. I’m talking to all the women who may have their men pay for dates all the time. Take him on a date. Pay the bill. Make reservations, choose a nice restaurant, you know one that you would want to go to.

A spa day will also work for men too. Some men love to be pampered, if your man is one of them, spoil him with a couples massage.

Want to go bigger? Kenneth Cole has a wonderful collection of watches that I am absolutely in love with. Treat him to a new watch.

If he is a gamer, maybe you want to treat him to a new game or game system. That PS4 or Xbox one will earn you points.

Buy him a gift that includes cologne, new shorts, or new shirts. Show him that you care about his style and you want him to dress and smell nice.

Your budget says smaller? Here is the test of how well you know your man. You don’t want to waste money on what he does not want.

If your man is into working out build him a protein box. Buy some of his favorite supplements, some protein powder and add Jack’s Link’s very cute heart shaped box of beef jerky to show him that you care about keeping his body looking good just as much as he does.

Since men don’t love teddy bears, a gift certificate to his favorite store, a new tie, new board shorts, or a day of snorkeling, or surfing, may be exactly what is needed to make his day the perfect Valentine’s day.

Just remember whatever you do this Valentine’s day, do it love.

Happy Heart Day!

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