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Great Tree Farms in the Boston Area

Tree Farms Across Massachusetts
Tree Farms Across Massachusetts

For many Bostonians one of the best ways to celebrate the coming holiday season is to throw on their fanciest flannels and head to a local tree farm to cut down a family Christmas tree or Holiday tree.

For those looking to "take to the woods" this holiday season, they need look no further than the suggested "Tree Farm Map" featured on

Massachusetts Tree Farm Map

Boston and its surrounding suburbs are beautiful this time of year, so it might even be worth taking advantage of the sun setting at 4 o'clock to spend some extra time out in the "wilderness" driving around and looking at the lit up neighborhoods.

For those without a car or who can't travel out to the 'burbs to pick up a self-cut tree, you may want to check out affordable if you want to avoid a pre-cut "Big-Box" store tree that's usually dried up by December 15th. City Tree offers affordable trees to people in the Boston area, starting at around $50.

No matter what your plan is, there are plenty of great options not-too-far from the city and surrounding areas. Take some time, enjoy some hot chocolate or hot cider, and bag the fresh cut tree you've been dreaming of!


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