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Great time of year for job hunting in Las Vegas

January 2010 is finally here and it is a great time to start the job hunt here in Las Vegas. Odds are you are feeling less than optimistic regarding employment opportunities right now. But don’t feel discouraged yet! Even with the recent mass hiring downtown combined with the previous M Resort recruitment, this is an ideal time for job seekers of all backgrounds to start hitting the pavement and internet.

Even though Las Vegas is still topping the nation’s ranks with the last official unemployment rating in November 2009 at 12.3%, the beginning of this year is a great time to start flooding your resume and applications out. Why? Most families typically avoid moving and starting new jobs this time of year.

The majority of adults with families do their best to “stay put” mid school year and avoid big changes. This means doing what they can to hang tight in their current job. This also means holding off on moving to Las Vegas until closer to summer break, equaling less competition for you. The most difficult job seeking time in Las Vegas is during the months of May until end of August. This is not only because of moving families, but the need for seasonal help in the summer has typically already been reduced through hiring earlier in the year.

January through March is a prime time to beat others into seasonal and non-seasonal employment. But another reason that right now is an ideal time to job hunt is the likelihood of more layoffs increasing unemployment numbers in a few months. The novelty of the new casinos and shopping will start to slowly fade. National economic fears waver, potentially lowering our tourism. This makes layoffs across all sectors feasible.

Layoffs by employers are avoided to the best of their ability, but it can never be guaranteed. The casinos have impressively held onto their staff the last year, and hopefully it will continue.

For those of you still looking for work, whether it be part-time, full-time or anywhere between, the good news remains to start applying and looking! There are employers out there in all industries looking for someone just like you, and this is the best time of year to introduce yourself to them.


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