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Great students come from great high schools

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Everyone in the United States has access to education to varying degrees. But there are some schools that are doing much better than others at preparing students for college, and many of them are public schools.

For starters, William Floyd High School in Long Island, NY is a public school that serves many economically disadvantaged students. Despite this, at student there named Kwasi Enin was accepted to 8 Ivy League schools, took 11 A.P. courses, and ranked 11th out of his class of 647.

Students from all kinds of schools are doing well academically, and many of them are overcoming difficulties to do so. Faculty training can improve outcomes for all students. A recent study showed that 49 hours of professional development can help student achievement rise 21%.

Check out this infographic for more about how schools can promote better outcomes for all students, as well as the success stories about high-achieving students.