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Great skyline shots of Boston, Massachusetts

Founded by British puritans in 1630, Boston, Massachusetts, is one of America's oldest cities. The rich history of the city is told by its fascinating architecture - the seemingly random placement of buildings from multiple centuries, coupled together, as if modeled after a strange painting - a historical mishmash! Boston's downtown financial district is a riveting display of modern, light-reflective skyscrapers perched next to 18th and 19th century buildings and churches. The narrow streets, reminiscent of many European cities, are also direct representations of Boston from previous centuries. Unlike Manhattan, a city which had its entire downtown street system revamped in the 19th century to reflect a grid system, Boston's streets reflect its long history, with many of its downtown streets maintaining their original paths since the 17th and 18th centuries. Although Boston's roads are trickier to navigate because of the lack of a grid, walking through Boston is a fascinating experience, that really takes one back in time. One of the best, and possibly most over-looked ways of visiting Boston (and paying proper homage to its historical character) is to literally keep one's head up. The best way to notice the interesting coupling of buildings from several different centuries is to observe the skyline at every street corner! The wonderful contrast of colors, textures and building materials is really a treat for the eye - and a photo opportunity at every stop sign or street lamp! Be sure to check out the pictures of Boston's 'upper levels' below, and if you're visiting Boston, be sure to make your own slideshow of the Boston skyline...

Boston, Massachusetts, skyline shots
Boston skyline shots