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Great shows in Chicago over Mother's Day weekend

Tutu & the Pirates put their innocence on display.
Tutu & the Pirates put their innocence on display.
Tutu & the Pirates

It's Mother's Day weekend, and that only encourages the rock—Annuals tonight, Tutu & the Pirates and Derek Nelson & The Musicians on Saturday—as well as the slightly softer rock, aka stone—Horse in the Sea and Gia Margaret & Paper Plant tonight. Also, the members of This Must Be The Band must have gotten word that Talking Heads are one of my mom's favorite bands, as they're playing both Friday and Saturday night. Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

Scotland's Frightened Rabbit (and Chicago's Maps & Atlases) sold out Metro this Saturday night, and you may not have a ticket, and may be heartbroken as a result. Perhaps you're coming to terms with it, but still, it hurts somewhere inside you to not see them this weekend. Fear not, fellow traveler—Frightened Rabbit will be doing a post-show DJ set at Beauty Bar (1444 W. Chicago).

Before the time, place and price of each show are posted, allow me one more thing: These are deep bills. There are times when one can show up to a show and only catch the tail end of the penultimate band's set before the headliner takes the stage and not miss too much. There, I said it. Some bands aren't that good and can, at least for the moment, be skipped. It happens.

That is not the case this weekend. These bills are deep. Opening act to the closing headliner, the whole bill has something to offer. Maybe not the next so-and-so or a band you'll be listening to when you're desperately trying to pass your fine musical taste on to your offspring, but something vital and alive at this moment.

Finally, the Saturday night show at the Bottle is a reunion of two legendary Chicago punk bands. I am not ashamed to say I know very little about these bands. I am no authority on them, and I've come to terms with that. These writers are (Newcity and the Reader), and their articles are well worth the read. From the sound of it, the show won't be a flaccid reunion. Tutu & the Pirates and Da will show some of us exactly what we missed out on during the late 70s/early 80s.

Facts and Figures


Annuals, Most Serene Republic, What Laura SaysEmpty Bottle — 10 PM, $10, 21+
Horse in the Sea, Gia Margaret & Paper Plant, Kyle Andrews, Heypenny — Subterranean — 9 PM, $8, 17+
This Must Be the Band — Martyr's — 10 PM, $10, 21+


Derek Nelson & The Musicians, Soft Speaker, Mallory, Ceiling Stars — Beat Kitchen — 9 PM, $10, 17+
Frightened Rabbit (DJ set), Pretty Good Dance Moves (DJ set), DJ Amber Waves — Beauty Bar — 9PM, $5, 21+
This Must Be the Band — Martyr's — 10 PM, $10, 21+


  • Donnie 5 years ago

    hahaha, "softer rock, aka stone" I stone and roll baby

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