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Great shoes are necessary for sports!

Anyone knows that no matter what you do for your free and fun time, that good shoes are necessary for keeping you comfortable along the way. Many of you may have an idea of what good shoes feel like, but some of you however may need some expert advice, especially if you want to pick up running for instance. Running shoes are some of the most complicated shoes you can buy and while not many running shoe stores have the knowledge or expertise to know which shoes will fit you best, Fleet Feet Sports does!

The front of the store
The front of the store
Fleet Feet Sports
Katrina Curry

Rod Bien opened Fleet Feet Sports approximately 2 ½ years ago. He is an avid runner—likes to run the 100 mile runs or he’s better called the Ultra Runner—and decided that sports wear and shoes are necessary for keeping you cool and being comfortable to run in. Rod also owns Patagonia which is located in the Old Mill District and sells strictly the Patagonia brand.

Fleet Feet Sports however, offers a variety of shoes and apparel no matter what your sports interest is. Carolyn, whom is so helpful, first asks you what kind of sports you do; we’ll use running for today. Then, she asks you to take your shoes and socks off so she can see how you stand as well as how you walk. After this, she’ll measure your feet with no weight on them, then with weight on them, knees bent. This is to see how much arch collapse you have going on so that she can determine the best shoes for your feet. There are several types of shoes that they offer and not just in brands. They offer stable shoes, neutral shoes, motion control shoes, light stability shoes and so on. After they find a shoe that may work for you, they put you up on a treadmill to watch how you walk or run; it’s to watch your gait as you stride along. Then, when you’re done running for 30 seconds, you step off and get to see your running stance. Then, depending on how you run in the first video, they can get a different type of shoe that will be the perfect match. So, if at first you think you need a neutral shoe but the video shows your gait is off with one foot, they’ll grab a more stable shoe to correct the errors that can naturally happen while running (it’s pretty neat watching how you run). Once they get the shoes that will fit best, you run again to see if they corrected your gait. You’ll see a side by side comparison of what the new shoes do for you while you’re running.

They also offer inserts, since let’s face it, the inserts that come with the shoes are generally lacking in any comfort whatsoever! They offer great brands of shoes like Nike, New Balance, Asics, Pearl Izumi’s and many more. They have the expert advice for anyone that the other larger shoes stores just don’t have.

Rod also supports the community as well as the events that Bend, Oregon has. One such event is coming up called the Xterra Trail Run. This is going to be held on September 18th, 2010 which is a Saturday, and will start in Downtown Bend. There will be several races that anyone of any level can compete in such as the 5K, 10K, and the half-marathon. If you’ve never raced before, Fleet Feet Sports offers training every Saturday morning at 8:30am. You can get training from them for several races like the ones that will be going on in September. So check out their calendar and get down there this Saturday to start your training!

For more information, check out Fleet Feet Sports online or call 541-389-1601. The store is located at 1320 NW Galveston Bend.

Have a safe and fun run everyone!

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