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Great Sex and Fatherhood – A conversation with Brother Minister – Part 1

GOD designed sex to be great and in context awesome. It is an important part of the image and mission of GOD
GOD designed sex to be great and in context awesome. It is an important part of the image and mission of GOD
Property of the International Christian Brotherhood

Brooklyn, N.Y. – On June 28, the Canarsie based International Christian Brotherhood, which is the men’s ministry of the Christian Cultural Center will be conducting the continuation of an important conversation on men and sexuality via its second workshop of the year titled Great Sex Part 2. Two months ago the NY Fatherhood Examiner and ICB’s Director, Reverend Onorio Chaparro aka Brother Minister or Minister O, who is a father of four, sat down and had a discussion about GOD ordained sexuality and fatherhood. Here is the first portion of that discussion:

Minister Onorio Chaparro: Hey my brother. How are you?

NY Fatherhood Examiner: I’m excited to be alive! How are you doing?

Minister Onorio Chaparro: Good Man, how’s the family?

NY Fatherhood Examiner: Good and yours?

Minister Onorio Chaparro: Good – thank GOD – very good…

NY Fatherhood Examiner: I would be honored if you prayed us in.

Minister Onorio Chaparro: HEAVENLY FATHER, we thank YOU for this time together. LORD GOD, we are just so grateful for YOUR love which endures forever. It is YOUR love that compels us to answer the call – the call to identify with YOU in private and in public. It is the call to embrace YOUR FATHERHOOD in our lives. We thank YOU for this time together. Let it be a reflection of YOUR love that continues to compel us, especially with regard to fathers. Thank YOU for this vision. Thank YOU for furthering fatherhood to the glory of YOUR name, the building up of YOUR Kingdom, for the blessing of families. We love YOU and worship YOU, in JESUS name – Amen

NY Fatherhood Examiner: Amen! Amen!

Minster Onorio Chaparro: What’s Up Brother?

NY Fatherhood Examiner: I am excited! We are just coming out the Men’s Workshop at CCC, which was very impactful. It was the culmination of a lot sidebar conversations, in private one on ones in prayer cords and small groups. It brought together and made clear [the issue of sex and godliness]. It was very powerful.

Minister Onorio Chaparro: Praise the LORD, I know you had fun in the married section. I know that the single section had a good time.

NY Fatherhood Examiner: Yeah we had a good time in the married section.

Minister Onorio Chaparro: The single guys got to hang out with me and it was good real-talk.
NY Fatherhood Examiner: It is important to frame and understand the concept of what great sex is. It goes hand in hand with what it means to understand fatherhood. In biblical terms it is said to know, which is impactful in and of itself. Then add [what is meant when saying] for us to dwell with our wives according to knowledge. It goes far beyond the single act [of having physical intimacy].

Minster Onorio Chaparro: That is why [we used the name Great Sex] for the hook to get people interested in the conversation about having great sex – it is that most people think about it as a moment; however, when you examine Genesis chapter two, great sex a process. You move from a revelation to a declaration of leaving, to a cleaving, to a oneness, to a nakedness that grows and evolves over time. It is a journey.

The other thing is sex starts with gender. It starts with the Imago Dei - the image of GOD. Even our sexuality must be grounded in the Missio Dei – the mission of GOD. The image of GOD - that is how we have been made creatures but more than creatures. We were made in the image of the Creator and placed here as vice regents with a mission. So our gender, our sexuality has to be located in our spirituality. It is so critical to understand that.

What is important for us to understand is that we have allowed so many facets of the culture to define the conversation. It is revolutionary because in the ancient world, females would not be considered equal to [males]. Yet, right there in Genesis, male and female are held together as bearing the image of GOD. As a matter of fact, them [male and female literally] together bear the image of GOD. There is a lot to be said about that.

The ongoing conversation about great sex – that will be a topic that will take us into 2015…

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