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Saving tips
Saving tips
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1. You can save big dollars when you purchase household items at your local dollar stores instead of the thriving grocery and or drug stores…

2. Clipping coupons might seem too time consuming, but once you start clipping, the coupons can add up to big savings. Some grocery stores; such as Kroger have double savings with coupon usage…

3. Did you know that most of us waste toothpaste each time we brush. It only takes a very small amount (about the size of a pea) to brush. A small amount works as well as a larger amount…

4. A less expensive brand of shampoo and crème rinse works as well as the more expensive brands. You can save by adding only 1 cap of crème rinse to a cup of warm water. You will find this will make your hair shiny and silky just as well as using 3 or 4 caps full. When shampooing - use only ½ cap for each lathering.

5. Refrain from buying name brand items unless they are on sale, shop consignment . A higher price doesn’t mean it’s a better product. Relearn how to shop. It can be fun - Your piggy bank will be overflowing…

6. Don’t use credit cards! But if you do have just one credit card, be sure it‘s a low interest rate. Some credit cards have points that add up savings such as; free motel stay, vacationing, rental car, gas price busters and so much more. But remember, always pay off the balance of your card at the end of each month. Credit card debt is at an all time high in the United States. It’s better not to have a card than to have debt you can’t pay…

7. Live in town ? Walk to the grocery. Not only will you save all that money you spend on gas, but you will be getting a good walk in… Nothing like staying in shape.

8. Now we love our AC (air conditioner). Yes, our house thermostat is on 65 degrees and our vehicle ac is wide open. Oh, we have 3 cars - Well, wide open in all 3 cars. On hot days set your house thermostat to 74 -75 degrees. As for your car air conditioner on hot days - You can save lots of wear and tare on your car if you’ll practice rolling a few windows down when starting your car - leveling the air to the outside temperature, then turning your air on to the lowest setting.

9. The bakery is the best place to get great deals on bread. You’ve heard it said, “ I’m not buying that day old bread ! “ Well, you might not even touch the bread when you get home from the grocery, and tomorrow it will be a day old anyway. One day or two days old - What’s the difference? Now, when the bread is 4 or 5 days old - Most people throw it out with the dish water (as the saying goes). DON’T DO THIS ! It is still fresh enough to toast and use for toasted sandwiches or toast and jelly. We, in the United States, waste so many things. Many homeless persons would love your scraps to eat. Think about it!

10. A Mom goes in the store and takes her child with her. BIG MISTAKE! He wants everything in the store. She breaks down and buys him a toy just like he has at home - just a different color. Now, there goes $10 out the window! ($10 x 7.25 tax). She could have bought the grocery specials of the day: (10 for 10). A box of cereal, a quart of juice, a box of milk, a loaf of wheat bread, a jar of dressing, a can of chicken, a box of crackers, 2 apples, 2 oranges, and 2 cans of chicken noodle soup. We, as a nation, really do need to learn to budget.

Well, That’s my say !!!

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