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Great Quality and Low Prices with Family Dollar Brands

Allegra Flower Print Makeup Bag ($3.35) Allegra Stripe Makeup Bag ($3.35) Modesa Brush + Comb Set ($3.00). Modesa Eyebrow Shaping Brush ($1.00), Modesa Blush Brush ($1.00), Modesa Eyelash Curler ($2.50) and Modesa 2-Sided Compact Mirror ($1.00)
Allegra Flower Print Makeup Bag ($3.35) Allegra Stripe Makeup Bag ($3.35) Modesa Brush + Comb Set ($3.00). Modesa Eyebrow Shaping Brush ($1.00), Modesa Blush Brush ($1.00), Modesa Eyelash Curler ($2.50) and Modesa 2-Sided Compact Mirror ($1.00)
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Finding the best for less can prove to be a challenge when it comes to finding great quality. Shopping for familiar name brands seem to be the most popular way to find great products that work or taste good, but that’s just not true! While shopping has become a weekly chore for most families, finding low-priced and good quality products can be an issue. Sure, you can go to a $.99 store and find just about anything you need from cleaning products and food items to housewares, but you may be sacrificing the quality of those items. My suggestion is to be a little more discerning about your shopping habits and find better items that will not only cost less but also offer more quality than your average discount store supplier.

Finding Quality & Low Prices at Family Dollar

To make life less stressful, I rounded up a few of my favorite finds in the aisles of Family Dollar that I deemed to be top quality with low prices!

Family Gourmet offers a wide variety of quality food items that you can serve at your next get together with family or friends. A great way to entertain, especially during the summer, is to offer guests quick and easy but delicious finger foods to snack on. I found some great items that can cater to every taste bud and offer a healthy way to eat without breaking the bank. So first, try serving up the Family Gourmet Barbecue Pita Chips ($1.00) that are great for serving with salsa or dips, like the Family Gourmet Onion Soup Dip + Mix ($.90) - just add sour cream (sold in the refrigerated food isle). Here’s a FD budget tip: Shop the Family Dollar food clearance section to find Family Gourmet food items that go on a super sale every week. This gives you more savings on top of already discounted food items. I also found snack items for the sweet tooth foodie to enjoy. Family Gourmet Danish Style Butter Cookies ($1.00), Caramel Coconut Fudge Cookies ($2.00) and Milk Chocolate Cashews ($2.00). These items offer premium quality with exotic ingredients like real coconut, cashews and caramel, which usually can be costly. For the health buff, pick up the Family Gourmet Protein Chewy Bars with dark chocolate and peanut butter (5pk $2.25). Enjoy the summer heat with a cool and refreshing glass of the healthy Family Gourmet RubyKist Cranberry Juice ($2.25).

The Family Dollar Beauty Brand Modesa carries a collection of skin; hair and nail care products that can fit any lifestyle. I have made it my life mission to find the best beauty products at affordable prices. Quality is a key factor when it comes to choosing the right skin care products. I found travel friendly items, portable items and products that will help to stretch your dollar! Lets see the goodies I found.

(From top to bottom- right image): Allegra Flower Graphic Print Makeup Bag ($3.35) to hold all your most treasured beauty finds. Another beauty bag option is the Allegra Strip Print Horizontal Makeup Bag ($3.35) great for storing makeup brushes, eyelash curlers, tweezers and even hair tools like a comb and brush. A great way to maximize on quality and money is to buy items that are sold as a set like the Modesa Brush + Comb Set with mini travel brush ($3.00). Fill your beauty bag with touch up products like the Modesa Eyebrow Shaping Brush ($1.00), Modesa Blush Brush ($1.00), Modesa Eyelash Curler(2.50) and Modesa 2-Sided Compact Mirror ($1.00)

(From top to bottom-left image): Travel friendly and quality beauty essentials to keep your nails looking good on the go like the Modesa Portable Manicure System (ONLY $7.00), Pedicure Pouch 5pc Set ($3.00) and the Family Dollar Non- Acetone Nail Polish Remover Pads ($2.00)

(From left to right-right image): A budget savvy shopper can find quality and low-priced items like my favorite Modesa Refreshing Freesia Body Scrub ($2.00) and the Modesa Travel Bottle 7pc Set ($2.50). FD Travel Tip: Use the Modesa Travel Bottle Set to make vacation travel a lot easier with some of your favorite lotions and cream products.

Family Wellness is important during the transitional seasons. I found a few low-priced wellness products that equally stand up to the more recognizable name brands and have the same exact ingredients. From top to bottom: Family Wellness Extra Strength Acetaminophen PM 500mg ($2.25), Family Wellness Cough Drops in Cherry Flavor ($1.00), Family Wellness Multi-Purpose Solution ($3.25) and Family Wellness Tri-Balance Gel Foot Pads (ONLY $5.50).

Family Dollar Household Products offer a range of low-priced items that will keep every corner of your house clean! Comparable to Tide Pods, the Family Dollar Premium Detergent Laundry Pacs ($4.00) in fresh Scent will also keep laundry clean and fresh. FD Laundry Tip: One Laundry Pac will clean one medium load of clothing and Two Laundry Pacs will clean one large or heavily soiled load of clothing. Keep the house clean this summer and your family safe. Germs can infect everything from toilet bowl seats to doorknobs to kitchen counters. Clean all household surfaces with the Family Dollar Disinfecting Wipes in Lemon Scent ($3.00) FD Cleaning Tip: Use wipes to clean off frequently touched surfaces like computer keyboard and mouse, house phones, chair arm rests, and television remote controls. This will help to keep germs from spreading!

The best way to shop and save when it comes to quality products is to buy them in bulk. Most items sold in family-sized packs like the Family Dollar 1000 Sheet Bathroom Tissue comes with 12 rolls for only ($7.00). Total savings on a quality item… can’t beat that! FD Tip: Do the math when you shop – simply calculate your savings before you make your purchase. For instance if you’re buying the Family Dollar Bathroom Tissue with 12 rolls, you are spending less than .60 cents a roll. That’s even more savings than if you brought a single roll!

Another quality and major low-priced items that most people overlook at Family Dollar are batteries! We need these energy-generating helpers to charge up remote controls, toys, portable travel essentials and more. I found an entire section filled with Family Dollar Long Life Alkaline and Super Heavy Duty Batteries ranging from single packs to 16 ct. packs that are priced from $1.00 – $5.00.

Want to score a $25 Family Dollar Gift Card? Follow @myfamilydollar@stylemakerstv and tell us your favorite quality but low-priced item at Family Dollar to win! Use the hashtag #FDlowpricequality. Every month, you can check out blogger Nicole Williams of StyleMakers.TV on the Family Dollar blog for beauty, style and shopping savings tips at Family Dollar!

By Nicole Williams of StyleMakers.TV

Twitter: @StyleMakersTV

Facebook: @StylemakersTV

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