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Great places in Corpus Christi to celebrate National Hamburger Day

Whataburger Hamburger
Whataburger Hamburger
Whataburger, SPM Communications

May 28th is National Hamburger Day and although it is one of those holidays that no one really knows about, it's also one of those holidays that make us want to celebrate! After all, who hasn't had a great burger in their life whether it be an all beef hamburger patty or a vegetarian version of it. It's Classic; hamburgers and french fries.

I know I grew up on them and chances are you did too. I mean after all, there is almost no place you can go and not get a hamburger on a kid's menu. If your family eats out, even in the slightest, then your children are growing up with hamburgers too. There's no doubt about it.

So, in celebration of the National Hamburger Day, I thought I'd list a few places in Corpus Christi to get some great burgers. In no particular order:

  • Rod 'n' Roll Treats n Eats in the Calallen area (they're also in Robstown). Whatever your liking Rod 'n' Rolls hamburgers are delicious. They're even better when you pair it while watching the 'Elvis Show' by Danny Lee on the first and second fridays of the month. By the way, they also have a great Turkey burger as well.
  • Beamer's Grill in Corpus Christi. They've got a new 8oz. Angus Burger on a Sourdough burger that's pretty good. The atmosphere is fun and it's always friendly.
  • Brewster Street Icehouse. They've got some excellent classic burgers and even a loaded tortilla burger, 'The Brooks Kieschnick' burger, that has people talking.
  • Wallbangers. They've got a great selection of burgers and a creative menu. You can even get a 'Stuffed Burger' at this place.
  • Fuddruckers. They've got excellent burgers and excellent choices. Get your burger as big or small as you want it and add the toppings you want. They've got some great choices and recently added a Buffalo Burger to their offerings.
  • Whataburger. Last on our list, but not last on taste! In my book, it is the only fast food type burger restaurant that made the cut and here's why. Whataburger is a 'Texas Treasure' recognized as such in 2001 by the Texas Legislature. It's been around since the 1950's and has been customizing burgers to suit your personal preferences since then. In fact, Whataburger customers can actually choose from up to 36,846 different ways to customize their burgers and satisfy whatever cravings they might have! During my college years, living in Boston, MA, the one thing I missed eating the most was Whataburger! It's also the one thing my nephew missed the most while at college in the Northeast this year and it's also the first thing he eats when he gets off the plane coming home! With loyal fans like that, it's no wonder Whataburger is known for having a fanatical fan base!

During National Hamburger Day, restaurants everywhere are sure to dish up limitless number of burgers. Places like Whataburger, with a loyal fan base and recurring customers serve over 580 burgers a day at each restaurant. That means that with over 700 locations, and operating in 10 states, Whataburger alone will serve over 409,000 Whataburgers today!

So, as you get ready for the weekend, whether at dinner tonight, or over the Memorial Day Holiday, don't forget to visit one of our great local restaurants serving up one of America's favorite foods, Hamburgers! You'll be happy you did and don't forget to get it just like you like it!


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