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Great outdoor training in Spring

Parc Regional Longueuil
Parc Regional Longueuil
Courtesy of Cardio Plein Air

Winter 2010 will not hold a record for snow accumulation. In the Montreal area, the mild temperature arrived sooner than previous years, which is perfect to get back in shape for Spring. Cardio Plein Air, the fitness organization founded in 2000 offers a great choice of Fitness programs. They give outdoor classes, all year long.

Danielle Danault, founder of the group, confirms that the Spring session is quite popular. There are classes for all fitness level, for different age groups. For example, Cardio-Stroller, for mommies and babies, Cardio Muscle Toning, Outdoor Tonus and for a more advanced group, Cardio BootCamp. Danault knows the goals people want to reach: lose weight, improve their posture, improve their cardio. She has seen mommies from the Cardio Stroller class lose 10 pounds in a single session.

Classes are given in 76 different parks all over Quebec. There are 35 franchises in Quebec and one in the Maritime. The schedule is very flexible, offering 60 hours in classes, some begin as early as 6:15 am.  Day classes will accommodate people working from home for example. Others working during the day, will stop by after.

Classes are almost never canceled. Even if it's pouring rain outside, worse case scenario, you'll have a one- on-one training. It takes an actual thunderstorm to cancel a class! Cardio Plein Air is an excellent fitness organization, with qualified passionate instructors who will help you reach your goals.