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Great outdoor blooms

Amboy, CA Desert sand verbanas begin annual desert bloom at sunrise
Amboy, CA Desert sand verbanas begin annual desert bloom at sunrise
(Photo by David McNew Getty Images)

Seize the moment with viewing the blooms of the annual and perennial plants that are covering the desert of many residents and business landscapes.

They are offering flowers to be found on "Cactus" that are fruitful with their blooms. In addition there is the "Spanish Broom" plant which is perfuming Resler Dr with their fragrant smell.

Other blooming plants that can be spotted are the "Asylum" plants that come in a collection of colors, to the "Desert Willow" covered with pink like trumpet bell-flowers they are a big attraction to bee’s. Then there are the "Lantanas" that a true jewel of a plant for the heated desert. It keeps it bloom until the first frost. "Jasmine", "Indian Hawthorne", "Verbenas" and many others are among the plants for show. It is open house for the desert blooms right now they are seen all over El Paso, TX. These plants mentioned most are native to El Paso, TX climate and acclimate well to the environment. All are a “low water requirement” and tolerant to the desert sun. All of the plants mentioned are available at the local nurseries and garden centers in El Paso, TX.

They are natural attractions for hummingbirds, butterflies and bees.

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