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GREAT Opportunity: FREE New Mobile Developer Course - from Apigee

Apigee Learn - online course, From Zero to App with HTML5, Javascript, APIs and PhoneGap
Apigee Learn - online course, From Zero to App with HTML5, Javascript, APIs and PhoneGap

Wanted to share with my audience about this entirely new (and FREE) online course, From Zero to App with HTML5, Javascript, APIs and PhoneGap that has just launched. (URL listed at the end of Examiner posting!)

I am personally going to be going through this FREE Training Course - and am excited to be working on my first mobile application for our local Bay Area Software Engineers (BASE) job fairs (

Apigee Learn website also provides addition online training material - covering these technical topics:

The information on "Digital Strategy and Digital Ecosystem" could be of interest to sales and marketing people... community moderators... business and data analysts... - and plenty of other business-oriented professionals (other than "software engineers".) This is a GREAT opportunity for someone who has a business or mobile application idea - and is looking to develop a prototype or implement their business solutions.

Hope someone in the audience finds this information of interest!



From Zero to App with HTML5, JavaScript, APIs and PhoneGap

Course Code: WAPP.13s-101
Estimated Effort: 10 - 20 hours
Prerequisites: Basic understanding of HTML and some programming experience (ideally in JavaScript and jQuery, but not required).

This new course is a deep dive into almost every aspect of the App Services SDK, explored through a completely new app. The course covers how to create, read, update, filter, sort and delete data, handle offline access, manage users (create, login and logout), geolocation, and even how to use NodeJS as an API proxy for third-party data and APIs.

If you choose to just “sit back and watch”, the course will take you six hours to complete – and an additional 3-4 hours if you want to code along with me. Finally, to put a new twist on online content, I’ll continue to add new segments to the course based upon participant requests, and of course, you’ll be able to ask questions and discuss topics in the class forum. - Greg Rewis @garazi

About the Course:

Always wanted to learn how to build a mobile app but never found the time? Already know how to build apps but want to dive deeper into modern, API-backed, mobile app development techniques? Then here is your chance!

Join us for the free online version of the new and improved Apigee Mobile Developer Workshop and learn to build an app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8. Regardless of your programming experience level - this hands-on course will walk you step-by-step through the process of building an API-driven mobile app. You’ll learn to create, read, update, filter, sort and delete data using a Backend-as-a-Service, handle offline data access, manage users and much more – all using HTML5, Javascript and Apigee App Services – then wrap the app up for distribution with PhoneGap.

If you were one of the 5,000+ developers who have already taken the first version of the Learn course or attended the live Mobile Developer Workshop, this course includes a new format, new app, new features, and a new instructor, Greg Rewis.

About the Instructor: Greg Rewis @garazi LinkedIn Profile:

Greg is Head of Developer Evangelism and Programs at Apigee, responsible for exposing Apigee’s digital business platform to web and mobile developers. Greg has been passionate about the web since putting his first “home page” online in 1994. His career has taken him around the world, from the early days of desktop publishing, to a start-up in Hamburg, Germany, the glory days of the web at Macromedia and Adobe before trading in the travel to do some “real development” at a mobile start-up and finally to his role at Apigee.

Reference: Apigee Website:

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