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Great Music in Greenville

Music has made its way into every day life. You can listen any where with all sorts of gadgets. Radios, CDs, MP3s and iPods make it very portable. Even cell phones have music. So with all this availability why would you choose to listen to anything but great music?

Mention great music and some of the great classic rockers come to mind: Led Zepplin, Ted Nugent, Kiss, 38 Special. But so do some of the smooth jazz players who have made great music. People like Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker and Ella Fitzgerald. Now there is a new name to add to the group: Matt Cusson.

Matt Cusson is an up and coming jazz/pop/soul artist who has an unforgettable voice. Singer/Songwriter, keyboard player and background vocalist for Brian McKnight, Matt Cusson delivers a performance that is smooth, soulful and sure to get his name on the list of great artists in the minds of all who are lucky enough to be in his presence.

On November 13, 2010 Matt will be performing at a benefit for a Greenville, SC organization, Defenders For Children, dedicated to reducing child abuse in the area. Tickets are available on their website. Come out to support this worthy cause and experience an evening with Matt Cusson.



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