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Great Metaphysical Finds: Awakenings Radio Show

Awakenings Radio Show
Awakenings Radio Show
Have you listened to this fabulous show yet?

Dear Readers, I recently learned about an enlightening and energizing metaphysical radio show called Awakenings, hosted by Michele Meiche, who is the author of the book and companion CD Meditation for Everyday Living. My pal, Jill Lebeau, author of Feng Shui Your Mind--Four Easy Steps to Rapidly Transform Your Life! was a recent guest on this show which caused me to do a little research:

Michele Meiche began this program as a place for listeners to “obtain insight, tools and the 411 to track and navigate the path of awakening, soul expression, healing and self-development.” The show is broadcast live every Wednesday from 12-1:30 p.m. (PT) with Michele doing a new talk each week as well as readings for callers; and listeners are invited to call in with questions and to share experiences. Michele also hosts guests on her show, and is dedicated to helping listeners live more fulfilled, authentic, soul-expressed, and prosperous lives. From the shows I've listened to, it's clear that Michele and her program are dedicated to helping us continue to evolve, and you know how I feel about continued evolution! Here’s the number to call in to the show plus links to learn more about the Awakenings radio show and about Michele Meiche and her work: Call in: 347-539-5122; Radio Show; Website. Enjoy!

After learning more about the Awakenings show, I was not surprised that Jill Lebeau was a featured guest because there is nothing that Jill loves to do more than to assist folks in rapidly transforming their lives so that we have the lives we want and deserve. In addition to being an author, Jill is also a spiritual psychotherapist and master relationship therapist with 28 years of clinical experience. One of the things I love the most about Jill’s work is that she helps folks accomplish their goals through raising vibrations, and she uses laughter and joy to do so. Here’s the link to Jill’s guest spot with Michele—I’ve listened to it several times, and I know I’ll listen to it again because there’s so much make-sense information here. For more information about Jill, her book, and her work, please visit

I was so excited to learn about this great show and share it with you today. I hope you'll give it a listen! Namaste.


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