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Great looks for evening


When hosting your own dinner party, consider a shoe that is cute
and comfortable. A kitten heel with a fun detail does the trick.
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As a general rule of thumb, every woman should have a handful of pieces that cover the basics of evening wear.

The Formal Party: This is a wedding, your parents' 50th anniversary dinner, or your best friend's graduation from medical, or law school. You'll know how formal a function is based on the time of day, and location, so be sure to read over the invitation carefully. You can almost never go wrong with something in a metallic, and although there is no hard and fast rule here, keep in mind that generally, silver tends to flatter lighter skin tones, while gold complements darker complexions. Rich fabrics like silk or chiffon look instantly glam, and keep an eye out for unique details like ruffles, pleats, or bows.

The Cocktail Party: This could be an evening bridal shower, a birthday dinner, or an all-ladies party where you can get a little extra done up. For an event like this, deep jewel tones are beautiful, and wearable. Something strapless in emerald, or crimson, and chunky jewelry like a large necklace, and cocktail ring are fun and appropriate.

The Office Party: I've said this many, many times before -- remember, just because you're no longer at your desk, or in a meeting that doesn't mean that people aren't watching you. Your out-of-office etiquette is in some ways even more important than your in-office behavior because this is what people view as the “real” you. Try a pinstripe slack, or something in satin. Grab a fancy bag, strappy heels, dangly earrings, and you're good to go.

The Self-Hosted Party: We know you've worked hard long before the guests arrived, and you're going to continue to work even after they get there – asking people to eat more, drink more, and saying things like, “Oh, I got it!” when you see someone walking over to the trash to throw away their plate and napkin. For nights like tonight, you need to look fab., but you also need to be comfortable. Start with a kitten heel that will be comfortable enough to walk in all night. If you opt for slacks, wool trousers are festive, but still relaxed. Adding a long necklace, or even a blazer are nice touches, but be sure to choose a stylish and appropriate top for under that jacket. That way, if you get hot during all that super hosting you're doing, you can toss the jacket, and still have on a classy piece underneath. 


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