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Great leaders don’t need no stinking experience

The mental frontier Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.

Great leaders don’t need no stinking experience

The greatest leaders are usually the ones on the outside looking in. Jim Kirk is portrayed by Hollywood actor Chris Pine in both movies “Star Trek” and “Star Trek Into The Darkness” thriller sci-fi movies. Kirk legislates the law with an outsider’s spirit. You want leaders to make good decisions based on previous outcomes.

The manager is a “glorified babysitter.” A leader and his or her co-workers are just as competent and can get the job done. Abraham Lincoln and Steve jobs were both leaders who were outsiders and came into position from the outside, in their words they came into their leadership positions not in the same way and those before them.

The key to Star Trek s being able to solve conflicts between diverse peoples The argument between logic and emotion is even a cultural issue to dispute. Kirk comes along and as a leader he is able to resolve what is real and what is fantasy. The Stark Trek movies and television series is involved in how people see other people, “us versus them.”

Rebel with a cause Kirk wants to make love to the mountain. He is willing to risk it all ( his own life) or nothing for the sake of the crew, the ship and the mission. How many leaders already in position are willing to do just that. Any number of people in leadership positions tend to come from wealthy families with backgrounds to help them along the way. An outsider doesn’t have that luxury of knowing the “in crowd” or the “right people” and his or her hand is certainly not in the back pocket of someone else. Log cabin or manger to CEO is not usually how it’s done.

He holds no biases, he’s not playing favorites, it’s not about the clique you are in. It’s about getting the job done. It’s about getting people involved and supporting the team. Kirk openly defies in the blockbuster hit movie Start Trek when he violates the ethical code of conduct by what is expected of him by Star Fleet Command. When Jim Kirk changed the vernacular of the test, the test situation is unwinnable. He is accused by Spock of cheating because he won in a testing situation that is designed to give no options out and to teach fear in a ‘no win’ situation.

New research shows great leaders are born not made Scientists say the brain of a great leader is wired differently. The new study could change how leadership skills are developed. Neural scans from leaders at the U.S. Academy at West Point from officer cadet to ranking major and found that (neural networks in the frontal and prefrontal lobes are different than the rest) part of the brain is associated self-regulation, decision and memory.

Wired to lead The study was published in the American Journal of Applied Psychology. Those leaders were deemed as psychologically complex. The participants were ‘brain mapped-quantitative electroencephalography. They were also tested mentally and physically and given situation of hostile and non-hostile environments. The truly great leaders were found to be more adaptive and certainly more effective.

But there’s more to it. A great leader is ‘mindfully aware.’ They have a keen sense of how they show up in the world, their impact and their motivation. They have a moral compass on their dashboard. They invite the ‘big picture,’ see it clearly, assess it, and are drop-dead honest.

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