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Great Indian dining at Royal India Restaurant


Royal Indian Restaurant entrance Photo by Colin Salmon

If you appreciate Indian cuisine, then Royal India Restaurant has the carte for you. The food is flavorful, and if you are a connosieur of Indian victuals, you will recognize the more popular offerings like the various curried proteins, as well as other sauces that blanket them. The Butter Chicken is especially a favorite, as well as Vindaloo, which is also a curry sauce, but with tamarind, vinegar and garlic flavors. Though the Vindaloo sauce is rife with zest, it is extremely spicy, so if spice is a challenge for your taste buds, proceed with caution. These are just a few of the tasty dishes on the Royal menu.

Exploring and trying new things with each visit is recommended for a true experience over time. It is customary to complement your dish with Naan, which is leavened flatbread; it is served warm, and it’s certainly very addicting. Royal India serves Naan in generous portions, so if you are concerned with carbs, be careful, you can easily over-indulge.

The ambiance at Royal India Restaurant is simple; the food is the attraction and not much else. The environment lacks energy and oomph, but it makes up for it with its selection of truly great food. Its location between 221 and I-95 is not the best, so it can easily be missed if you are not paying attention. The surrounding area is somewhat desolate at night, which contributes to the undesirability of the location. Regardless, the trek is worth it, which will likely be repeated once the Indian spices seduce the palate.

For more info: Royal Indian Restaurant 3801 Griffin Rd. Fort Lauderdale 954.964.0071



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