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Great illustration: Edward Snowden

Kyle Bean, artists and illustrator produced Edward Snowden for The Guardian
Kyle Bean, artists and illustrator produced Edward Snowden for The Guardian
Kyke Bean

The Guardian remains fixated on the Edward Snowden story because:

Kyle Bean's portrait of Edward Snowden
The Guardian/Kyle Bean, Illustrator
  1. It helped them break into the US market when papers like the Washington Post are vulnerable to competition
  2. Edward Snowden is their story, second hand from Julian Assange, of course who is likely a coconspirator.

Getting first hand pictures of Edward Snowden remains difficult because he is in a hotel room somewhere in Russia, likely moving from room to room on occasion. He is busy with his computer maintenance job there.

Kyle Bean produced a great image of Edward Snowden that appeared today.

Check out the picture post.

“Kyle Bean is an artist, designer and illustrator with a passion for craft and conceptual thinking. He creates playful, imaginative work for a variety of clients that appear in editorial and commercial projects as well as installations for fashion brands and events. Kyle’s work is usually characterised by a whimsical and meticulous reappropriation of everyday materials and handcrafted techniques.

Kyle has been featured in a range of art and design publications and has gone on to exhibit at the Art Directors Club and the International Design Biennial as well a having a solo show at Colette in Paris in 2013.

Although Kyle often works on smaller projects alone, he regularly enjoys collaborating with still life photographers and directors.”

Kyle uses the word "reappropriation" whereas Arlington Artist, Kathy Turner calls it repurposing. Kyle illustrates for a living, Kathy Turner is a fine artist.

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