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Great harvest bread

Artisan bread made with fresh ingredients
Artisan bread made with fresh ingredients
courtesy of Great Harvest inc.
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Great Harvest has been setting the artisan style bread standard for many years in Idaho Falls. Don't let the simplicity of the shop fool you; Great Harvest is in every state of the United States and is a major corporation. As such, one may wonder how the company was able to weave itself into our everyday lives. In 1976, Pete and Laura Wakeman decided to create a company which would produce bread made from organic and locally purchased ingredients. A little more than 30 years later, this company owns more than 200 franchise shops across the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.
Because there is always a Great Harvest near you it won't be hard to visualize the experience. As you enter the quaint shop on 17th Street in Idaho Falls, you automatically feel drawn by the aromatic fragrances. You then notice the wide array of fresh baked loafs and you are faced with a conundrum, “Which one should I pick?” As you try to decide between the comforting tenderness of the Honey Wheat Loaf and the rich chocolaty sweetness of the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, a clerk will cheerfully ask you if you want to taste a slice. Do away with your ideas of the word “sample”. This “sample” is no bite size portion; the clerk will slice an inch thick slice of your desired selection and apply a spoonful of real butter. If you want honey, no problem, they have that too.
When you bite into your slice of bread, the flavors will come alive and become an integral part of your taste buds. Forget your preconceived notions of bread; this is how bread was always meant to taste. Though a loaf of bread will cost about four dollars, it is well worth the investment as all the ingredients are purchased from local farmers and there are no preservatives. The delicatessens are also worth your time as they will add a sugary smile to your day.
This is not your mother’s Wonderbread. Great Harvest has taken artisan bread to the next level and has proven to all of its loyal customers that they know baking and they are here to stay. As they continue to lead the pack in organic baking, they also take a huge share of the market from the conventional supermarket bread. More and more people spare the extra buck to procure a better bread product. With two locations in Idaho Falls, one in Rexburg, and two more in Pocatello, Great Harvest keeps winning hearts and pallets in Eastern Idaho.

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 Great Harvest Idaho Falls:                                                                                                                                          360 A Street, Idaho Falls, ID                                                                                                                                      208 522 7444

 Great Harvest Ammon:                                                                                                                                              1505 East 17th Street, Idaho Falls, ID                                                                                                                         208 542 0812


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