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Great 'Halo' plans to be revealed at E3 says Microsoft's Spencer

Halo Concept Art
Halo Concept Art
Remember this Halo concept art? Will it be Halo 5 or something else? (343 Industries)

Microsoft's and 343 Industries' plans for Halo 5 and other franchise possibilities are still very much in the air but Microsoft Studios corporate vice president Phil Spencer said Tuesday that a great plan is already in place.

"Halo news will be coming at E3," Spencer confirmed on Twitter. "[343 Industries] has a great plan in place, will be cool to share with everyone."

Current speculation around the Halo franchise is that Microsoft is purposefully avoiding saying Halo 5 because a Halo 2 Anniversary Edition is in the works for a fall release followed by the next edition in the franchise in 2015. There are also persistent rumors that 343 Industries is working on another AAA title set in the Halo universe.

Something Halo for Xbox One was teased during E3 last year but Microsoft has stated that it is not indicative of whatever will finally be announced.

As for the rest of Microsoft's E3 announcements, Spencer said: "E3 planning is looking good, will have a lineup of new, announced, unannounced and hopefully unexpected."

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