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Great-Grand Mom, 89, on Grocery Run Injured in Portland Purse Snatch Attack

She is someone’s great-grandmother, grandmother and mother who simply wanted to complete her grocery store run and return home in peace on Tuesday. Well, for an 89-year-old Portland woman, her day was shattered by a female assailant who jumped out of a car parked in front of the elderly woman’s home and knocked her to the ground, reported KGW.

 89 year-old Marge warns “You come back here (and) I’ll use a baseball bat on ya,”
photo credit - KATU

This may be taken as a sign of the times by many who believe that even senior citizens who live in her quiet Fred Meyer neighborhood in Seattle have to be watchful of possible criminals. But that may be the advice that certainly 89-year-old Marge will be sharing with her fellow neighbors. She admonished the female attacker, stating “You should be ashamed of yourself to pick on an old lady, according to KGW.

According to KGW, the suspect was a female and white, and appeared to be in her 30’s. Marge was forced to the ground by the 5-foot-7 suspect who then snatched her purse, containing cash, credit cards and ID.

Marge suffered injuries after the woman struggled to strip her purse from her. The thief actually dragged the 89-year-old down the street a bit before tearing the purse from Marge’s hands. “I hung on to it,” she commented to KGW. “I hung on to it and she dragged me.”

Even though the assailant won the battle and made off with the stolen purse, Marge reminded KGW, that the female assailant will get her just due. “And I hope sooner or later, you get it back, and I’m sure you will.”

She also has a warning for the woman if she should decide to return. She warned, “You come back here (and) I’ll use a baseball bat on ya,according to New York Daily News.

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