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Great food gift ideas

Christmas cookies
Christmas cookies

Everyone loves to get homemade treats during the holidays. Make sure to creatively wrap or package the holiday foods you plan to give as gifts to your family and friends. Listed below are some festive and fun ways to wrap your holiday goodies.


Nothing is more appreciated than homemade cookies during the holidays. Place cookies in a tin or decorative jar. Attach your cookie recipe and a couple of cookie cutters to the outside of the jar or tin. Wrap a bow around the jar, or place a bow on the top of the tin.

Mini Loaves of Bread

Make a mini loaf of banana or pumpkin bread. Place the bread in a basket with a package of coffee or hot cocoa. Drape a plaid napkin over them. Wrap a big festive bow around the basket. For a more festive look, spray paint your basket gold, red or green.


Place a beautifully wrapped homemade pie on a glass cake stand that has a matching cover. Attach curly ribbons on the top of the cake stand cover. This is a truly special food gift that gives the receiver a lovely cake stand when the pie is all gone.


Line pretty cupcake foils inside a decorative box. Place your homemade candies in each cup. For a little variety, you can add some nuts to a few of the foils. Put the cover back on the box. Glue a festive bow to the top of your cover. Glue pine cones, holiday greenery and berries on the bow.

Use one or a combination of these ideas to beautifully wrap your holiday goodies to give to that someone special this holiday season.


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