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Great Finds at Goodwill (and the other thrift shops too!)

My best thrifting find... so far!
My best thrifting find... so far!
Michael Curcio

As a longtime cheapskate and bargain hunter, let me share a secret with you - anything you want can be found at a thrift shop, for up to 99% off the retail price. It takes a little effort on your part, but if you like to shop, you know that the hunt is most of the fun!

But I know - you're a delicate flower that only wears designer brands, blah blah blah. Well, guess what? All those brands are being sold in thrift shops too. In fact, I would venture that there is a better selection there than at the local mall. Thrift shops have clothing from all eras - brand new to vintage. Also, the range of sizes, styles and colors is mind-boggling. The color of the year this year is tangerine. If you don't like tangerine, that sucks for you, because it's all over the mall stores. But a rainbow of colors await the smarter shopper! Even the dreaded orange....

What's the best thing I have personally found in a thrift shop? This John Galliano newsprint dress was hanging at my favorite Akron thrift store with a price tag of $1.00. Carrie, the character played by Sarah Jessica Parker in the Sex & The City franchise, wore this designer's dresses in this style in the series and also the first movie. This dress had the full tags, complete with authentication hologram tag, and I nearly passed out when I saw it. After looking at it for a few days, I listed in on eBay (another great souce for bargains) and sold it for $200. That's what I call a great return on an investment! But, as it originally was priced in the $800 range, the buyer got a great bargain as well.

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