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Great Falls economy to expand in 2014

Great Falls economy to expand in 2014.
Great Falls economy to expand in 2014.
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

The Great Falls area will see an economic boost in 2014, the president of the Great Falls Development Authority stated.

“We’re trying to grow the economy faster, diversify it and support the creation of higher wage jobs,” the authority’s Brett Doney said.

Great Falls has had a number of positive developments affecting its primary sector, state Doney. Some of which included:

  • ADF Group Inc., based in Quebec, Canada, is building a $24 million steel fabrication plant. The company is expected to employ 300 people opening in three years to manufacture oil production modules for customers in the Alberta oil sands and possibly other markets.
  • Emteq, which makes wiring harnesses for commercial aviation. Added 20 employees and 80 more are expected during the next two years.
  • Calumet Montana Refining announced a major capital project to double the capacity of the oil refinery in Great Falls. The $275 million project will add 30 jobs.

The planet Pluto the ruler of the economy and wealth is poised to help partnerships, joint financial ventures, new technology and other advances to move forward and expand.

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