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Great Educational Experiences in Long Beach

A learning community in Long Beach
A learning community in Long Beach
G. Castro

The idea that homeschoolers only teach at home is really misleading.  Most homeschoolers are out and about in the community more than most would ever know.  In fact, it is not uncommon to find homeschoolers traveling here and there to classes.  Why would homeschoolers travel to a class you ask?  The answers are many and varied, but the short answer is that parents and caretakers of homeschooled children often engage in classes in the community to increase their children's learning opportunities and enhance abilities in specific areas and interests.  Also for the pure fun of it.  Many attend classes in specific subjects such as art, science, and physical education at the park.  

Well in Long Beach there is a place called Great Educational Experiences (GEE!) where these learning adventures are brought to the community.  There are many classes such as art, science, writing, cooking, LEGO engineering, and language.  There are also special workshops such as "Beads with a Cause" which involves working with paper beads from Uganda, Africa.  This month there is a Valentines Day Paint N Glaze workshop.  There is also a new "Parent and Me" class for children aged 0-4 and their parents and caretakers.  A ten-week class entitled "Empowerment for Children" which allows children to discover their strengths and gifts, increase self-esteem and empathy for others, as well as learn leadership skills.    Some of these classes are vendors for charter schools and will accept charter funds, and all can be paid directly.  These classes were set up specifically for the homeschooling community and therefore most of the classes are during the day but the classes are open to the community.  In fact, some of the coming classes will be offered at after school times to enable traditional schooled children to attend.

The common theme in all the classes is the opportunity for children to have Great Educational Experiences in a safe, fun, learning environment.  Many of the teachers are very experienced and have been teaching for many years.  Some are actual homeschooling parents who teach or specialize in a specific subject.  Many of the homeschooling community has very talented parents.  There are engineers, therapists, actors, photographers, college professors and many will be offering workshops and classes in the future.  

Great Educational Experiences is a learning community and holds its classes at Paint N Glaze located at 3960 N. Studebaker Rd., Long Beach, CA. 90808 (near the corner of Carson & Studebaker Rd.).  For more information about the schedule and upcoming classes you can join the Great Educational Experiences Meetup Group

You can also write or call (562) 841-6493 for more information