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Great Denver Patios: The Taverns



So, some people have it in for chain restaurants and bars, mainly because they answer to corporate policies and have no originality or depth, but I have to insist that this isn’t always true. There’s one group that’s doing it well, and they have been growing and expanding their business because they keep winning and keeping new customers all the time. That group of bars all go by the name of The Tavern.

These comfortable restaurant bars are well stocked for the summer festivities, with great cocktails and great outdoor patio spaces. These inviting outdoor areas are ideal to enjoy the warm weather of the season, and gather with friends for some drinks and fun.

Check out the great bar patios at the Taverns’ multiple locations, each with a different feel of the city. My favorite spots to visit are the patio at the Tavern in Lowry, because of its relaxed, garden feel (including a water feature), and the Tavern Downtown because of the great perspective amidst the hum of Market Street.


Check out the many locations:

Tavern Downtown

1949 Market St.

Denver, CO 80202



Tavern Lowry

7401 E. 1st Ave

Denver, CO 80202



Tavern Wash Park

1066 S. Gaylord

Denver, CO 80209



Tavern Tech Center

5336 DTC Blvd.

Greenwood Village CO, 80209



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  • Max Vitesse, Denver Six Shooter 5 years ago

    I was surprised at how much I liked the Tavern Wash Park - expected something as soulless and synthetic as the other Taverns (except Uptown). And, though it doesn't have a whole lot of character, the people filling it were fun to talk to.

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