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Great deals at Stoney's

Looking to deviate from your usual bar or club crawl? Maybe you need a quick getaway that doesn’t require a three hour drive. Luckily, Stoney’s Rockin Country is on Las Vegas Boulevard, just far enough away from the bright lights to feel like another world. With deals every night it’s open and a great atmosphere, it’s like the perfect night out on a roadtrip to the South.

Stoney’s Rockin Country is on Las Vegas Blvd, but it’s not really the Strip. From I-15, get off around Blue Diamond and turn right to continue going south. If you’re on Las Vegas Blvd, keep going south. If you hit South Point, you’ve gone too far. Stoney’s will be to your right. It’s located inside a shopping center, right in the middle of the large L-shaped building. Look out for signs shaped like Texas!

What to Expect Inside
Stoney’s doesn’t feel like a club, it feels like a party. That said, if you see anyone that looks like your parents (or grandparents), they didn’t come here to talk business and have an overpriced cocktail. They came here to party. With a dance floor designed for line dancing and two-stepping, Stoney’s is a great place for everyone (and can more easily fit everyone). If you haven’t had enough drinks to make your first attempt at line dancing, Stoney’s offers classes at 7:30PM Thursday through Sunday. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try out the mechanical bull. It’s free to ride (tip well and the operator will be very kind) and falling off isn’t as terrifying—or mortifying—as it sounds.

The Best Deals
Stoney’s is open Thursday though Sunday and there is a promotion every night. Go in on a Thursday and there’s a $20 all you can drink draft beer package (unless you’re a lady, then you get in for $1 and every drink is $1). On Friday nights, beer is free with paid admission ($5 for locals and $10 for folks from out of state). Ladies get free admission on Saturdays when wearing shorts and guys get a free shot when purchasing a longneck (admission is $5 for locals and $10 for folks from out of state). On Sundays, ladies drink free (the cost of admission is the same as noted above) and the music changes at 11PM.

For additional information, contact or call (702) 435-2855.


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