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Great deal on Pepsi products at Target the week of January 3, 2010

Great deals on Pepsi at Target stores this week!
Great deals on Pepsi at Target stores this week!

Pepsi products are on sale at Target stores this week. While items like this aren't necessities or essentials, even penny-pinching families like to enjoy a treat once in a while. Twelve-packs of Pepsi are on sale for $3, which is, on its own, a good price. However, you can then go to Target's website to make the deal even better.

Once you are at Target's website, scroll to the very bottom of the page and select "Grocery Coupons" from the list with the header "Target Stores." Then, click through the coupons the site presents you until you find the Pepsi coupon. Print it out and bring it to the store and you'll get another dollar off your purchase, making the 12-pack only $2!

You should definitely keep that printable coupon page in mind for future trips to Target, as the page is often updated with new, useful coupons. Also, Target's corporate coupon policy allows you to use one Target store coupon and one manufacturer coupon per item, which can make for great deals in the future.

Tip: Look for "Pepsi Throwback" when you're making your purchase. It's a limited-edition version of Pepsi that uses real sugar instead of corn syrup as a sweetener. My family is a huge fan!