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Great Dane eats 43 socks: Surgery was successful

An Oregon family will probably make more of an effort to put their dirty socks in the hamper from now on. Their 3-year-old Great Dane had eaten at least 43 1/2 socks when he became very ill. Dr. Ashley Magee at Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital removed all of these from the dog's stomach after the foreign matter showed up in an X-Ray. in Oregon had the story on Wednesday.

This Great Dane had to have 43 socks removed
Dove Lewis Animal Clinic Facebook page

The X-Ray taken of the sock-filled stomach actually won 3rd prize in a contest on Veterinary Practice News. It was beat out by the first-place winner, a frog who had eaten more than 30 ornamental rocks out of his habitat. The 2nd place X-Ray featured a dog that had eaten a kabob ready for the grill, skewer and all! You can view all the winning entries, including the 43 ½ socks here on Veterinary Practice The $500 prize that Dove Lewis received for the X-Ray will go to help with uncompensated care of animals that they perform.

Dogs that eat foreign objects like socks are not uncommon. Puppies are especially known for ingesting anything they find. There are certain dogs, sometimes breed specific, who continue to eat socks, rocks, sticks, plastic, paper and anything else. Socks are particularly known for causing intestinal blockages, so immediate veterinary attention is needed. Sometimes the vet will just instruct the owner how to induce vomiting, but often surgery is required, especially if a dog has eaten 43 ½ socks. You can learn more about what to do if your dog eats a sock or any other foreign object here on

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