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Great Dane eats 43 ½ socks: Dog a walking clothes hamper emptied via surgery

Great Dane eats 43 socks, surgery finds all the family's missing socks!(File photo of Great Dane)
Wikimedia Commons

Missing socks are a phenomenon in most any household, but that mystery was solved recently for a Portland, Oregon family when 43 ½ socks were surgically removed from their Great Dane’s stomach. The vet laid out all 43 ½ socks, which came in various sizes and colors, after he extracted them from the dog’s stomach.

According to CBS Local News on Sept. 3, the three-year-old Great Dane was rushed to the Dove-Lewis Animal Hospital after a bout of vomiting would not subside. The x-ray gave a shocking look at what the dog’s stomach contents, which looked more like the x-ray of a clothes hamper than it did a stomach.

The dog was taken in for immediate life-saving surgery and he came through with flying colors. The 43 ½ socks taken from his stomach offered another mystery. Where did that ½ sock come from?

The surgery took almost two hours as the vet pulled one sock after another out of the dog’s stomach. After the first dozen or so socks laid on the table next to the dog, the operating room looked more like a laundry room.

As Oregon Live suggests, this incident made Dr. Ashley Magee famous, if just for a few days. While vets have taken some strange and bizarre things out of the stomachs of canines in the past, 43 ½ socks has to be a new case for the record books.

He was able to go home with his sockless family the day after surgery and he made a complete recovery. Shawna Harch, the animal hospital’s communication specialist, said that when the x-ray came back it showed that whatever the dog had eaten, he couldn’t digest it, which means surgery.

Harch said that this is probably the strangest case ever seen at this busy animal hospital and “certainly the record set for the most socks eaten.” This case was submitted to a contest that is sponsored by the Veterinary Practice News. The contest is open to all animal hospitals and it is called: “They Ate What?”

The Dove-Lewis Animal Hospital submitted the Great Dane’s x-rays along with the details of the 43 ½ sock surgery. They took second place and won $500. The hospital has put the money in a fund that helps low income folks with their vet bills.

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