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Great customer service and great prices still make a good combination at Aldi

Great customer service and great prices make a good combination at Aldi
Great customer service and great prices make a good combination at Aldi
Photo by Professor Metze

When the great recession hit America in 2009 many shoppers looked for ways to save every penny possible. Smart shoppers found a place to make their food dollars go even further at Aldi. There have been shopping warehouses like Sam’s Warehouse in the metro area for decades; however, Aldi offered lower food prices that cut the normal food shopping budget in half for many shoppers.

Now one might think that getting extra low prices would come at a cost in customer service. The customer service experienced by your customer service reporter at Aldi in the Hilltop Plaza last week offers a different picture.

In rushing to pick up family items last week there was a customer service encounter at Aldi that made the great prices even that much more outstanding. After arriving at the sales counter a senior moment required a quick detour that meant getting out of line, leaving the food items on the counter, and rushing to the rear of the store.

Not a problem at Aldi. The sales associate was polite and kind. She understood the circumstances, held the items at the register, smiled warmly, and waited for her customer to make a quick stop and return to the register. All of the items were still on the counter and the sale continued. There was not one bit of consternation or impatience.

Since the arrival of the Aldi store in the Hilltop Plaza the savings to area shoppers has created a study stream of loyal customers to the franchise. As more and more Aldi stores arrive in communities across the metro area the word is spreading that Aldi offers great prices.

From the experience at the Aldi in the Hilltop Plaza is clear that the great prices are not being sacrificed at the expense of great customer service. has learned that Karl Albrecht, the co-founder of Aldi, has passed away at the age of 94. The news of his death was reported two hours after this article was published. May he rest in peace.

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