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Short Term Missions Trips

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Are you a person who wants to help others and make a difference in someone else’s life?

Do you like adventure and like to travel and see new places and meet new people?

If you answered yes to both questions then you would want to sign-up to go on one or more short term mission trips along with members of Life Church.

On May30-June 9 a team will be in Ghana West Africa to help spread the gospel and the love of Jesus.

Come June 24 through July 1 a life conference trip has been planned to visit Israel. There are still 10 more spots available for the trip to Israel. The cost of the Israel life conference trip is $3000.00 per person.

In August another life conference is planned for August 6-14 for Latvia and there are still 8 more spots left for this trip. The cost of the Latvia life conference trip is $2,300.00 per person.

Another August trip is planned to be in Kenya East Africa on August 13 through 27 and only 3 spots are available for this trip. The cost of the Kenya East Africa trip is $3,500.00 per person.

October a trip to Ghana West Africa is planned with 5 spots available and with the cost of $2,800.00 per person.

If you would like to go on one of these trips and get involved in the mission ministry call 251.633.5433.

The Life Church office is located at 8701 Zeigler Blvd Mobile, AL 36608.

Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 8am - 4pm and Closed from Noon - 1pm for lunch.

You can Email Life Church at

Click on the link below to view the Life Church website and see what other activates and services Life Church has to offer.

Click on the link below for another sorce about short term mission trips.