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Great Christmas finds in heart of Ohio Amish Country

When we think of the Amish we really don't think about Santa Claus or even Christmas.  But in all reality the Amish Country of Ohio from Sugar Creek to Berlin is a great place to find Christmas treasures and traditions that are second to none.  In fact, even in the middle of October one group returned with a feeling of Christmas.

For the best in Christmas ornaments and other decorations you can do no better than the Christmas shop wiht a great deal of traditional appeal, Tis The Season.  Located about a mile from Berlin, Ohio, this shop has it all from the traditional Christmas items to the modern, Victorian to present.  They have thousands of Santas, snowmen, and Nativity scenes.  They feature many different kinds of trees and have all the things you need to hang on them.  If you are in the area you definitely need to stop in.  Look for them on the web as well.

For some Christmas oddities visit some of the Amish Antique Malls, particularly the one located at Shrock's Amish Farm located just across from Tis the Season.  There you will find a variety of yesterday's treasures mixed with many traditional Christmas items.  For a sound of Christmas, check out the Amish made sleigh bells that occasionally show up here.  However, if you plan on bringing that sound home be prepared to spend a few dollars. 

Gift shops abound in this home of the Amish, who can be seen in their wagons hurrying through the hustle and bustle of tourism.  You should be able to find your loved ones anything that would be on their list, from trinkets to sweets.  Particularly noteable are the baked goods and select cheeses that are found in many of the shops.  They hold the taste of Christmas within them are even better than Grandma used to make.  Sorry Grandma.

But, for a real taste of what Christmas is all about you need to come and experience the Nativity Parade which takes place every Christmas Season.  The parade features a living Nativity scene as well as the music and other sites of the Season.  Mix that with local customs and all of the special things that these fine folks do at the most wonderful time of the year and you are guaranteed a Christmas that you will not soon forget.

So, the next time you want to go somewhere that feels like Christmas, visit this area.  Great food, friendly people, and plenty of great Christmas finds makes this a destination for the most die hard of Santa's helpers.  I strongly recommend this place.


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